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"The Make-Up Center is tucked away at 150 West 55th Str. But models steadily stream in"
- New York Times Magazine

"Next time you hit New York watch how the professionals carry off the hoards of make-up from the Make-Up Center"
- Vogue

"When an actress has a career making audition, and when a model wants to update her beauty look, the chances are fairly good that she'll head for the Make-Up Center"
- New York Daily News

"{The Make-Up Center} can bring out the hidden star quality in any girl's face... The pros' make-up"
- Cosmopolitan

"{The Make-Up Center} supplies almost every model and actress with a part of her bag of secrets...A palette of colors unique in the world"
- Vogue

"The Make-Up Center... where professional make-up artists fill their kits....where professional beauties, models and actresses learn entrance making looks"
- Bazaar