Referral Program

Make-Up Center Beauty Professional Discount Program

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Make-Up Center Beauty!

Our Professional Program recognizes and gratifies professional make-up artists. Make-Up Center Beauty is committed to helping you become your most beautiful self: that version of you that feels joyful, confident and naturally beautiful from the inside out. Our Professional Program includes exclusive discounts, special announcements and more!

Please email the below materials. If your application is approved, we will update you.

Our Professional Program requirements are as follows: 
1. You must submit a copy of your valid photo ID + 
2. Submit two (2) of the following for consideration:

  • Copy of business card.
  • Copy of current agency ZED card OR comp card
  • Copy of professional license.
  • Professional resume.
  • Two professional tear sheets with your name credited.
  • Valid Union Card.
How do I become a member?
To become a member, follow the above instructions.
Is membership free?
Membership is free. There is no fee for signing up. There are no annual fees. This is subject to change.
Where can I use my discount?
You can use your pro discount on only, available only to U.S. customers only. The discount applies to all products on the website. Gift certificates, gift cards and the alike are not valid for the pro discount.
Does being a part of the Professional Program help me qualify for a position to work at Make-Up Center Beauty, LLC?
No, being a pro member does not qualify you for a position to work at Make-Up Center Beauty, LLC.
How long does it take for an application to be processed and will I be notified?
Please allow up to 4 weeks for your membership to be processed. Please do not call or email Customer Service regarding the status of your application. If your application is approved, we will notify you.
How do I change my name, address and contact information?
Please log in to and go to the MY ACCOUNT section.
As a Professional Program member, do I qualify for additional special offers on
Pro members cannot redeem additional offers with their current 40% discount. Pro members are not allowed to combine offers.
What are Professional Program Membership benefits?
Pro members receive a 40% discount on all products (except gift certificates, gift cards) on
As a Professional Program member, how much product can I purchase?
For Pro members, no more than six (6) units of any item.
I was approved as a Professional Program Member, but I cannot see my discount at checkout.
Please use the same email address that you provided in the Pro Member application form to register and checkout on
I am a Professional Program Member and I have a question about my order.
Please email or call 212-977-9494 (Monday- Friday 9am-5pm ET).
I already have an account on, and now I am a Professional Program member. How can I get my discount?
If you supplied the same email address that gives you access to your current account on the Pro membership application you will automatically see your 40% discount at checkout once you sign in. If you supplied a different email on the Pro application form, please create a new account on using that email address.
When does my Professional Program membership expire?
Membership is valid for two years. This is subject to change.